History and Bio

Genc Records is an independent record label, studio and management and was started in 2003. Today we have a history with many great artists and agencies  around the world, mainly Europe, including our own concept’s. GR produces, sells, markets and promotes music in both physical and digital form from its local office and studio located in Fossegrenda in Trondheim.

Some of the artists and labels who have worked with Genc Records:

A.Moe, Marsal Ventura, Jose AM, Enric Font, Charly Rodriguez, Marcella Precise, SSL, Henry Mendez, Essay, Lloyd Lawrence, ThoseBricks, Lars Aar, Tom Spoon, Ian Hooper, Jay Colin, Victor Ark, Hot Fata, JFMee, Endaxi, Chris Miland, Fuunstar, Spoochy, Volcore, Claus Flid, Faustix, Lars Freisig, Nadia Malm, Sondrey aka Sondre Nystrøm, Thomas H, Chand Torsvik, 55 Escape, Leif Esten Helland, Mr Lemon, Cloud Machine, Albert Kick, Tony T, Faustix, Gunvad, Toshill, Camilla Sky, Bendik Julsrud, Javi Torres, Skjalg Råen, Dario Nunez, Toni Peret, Marcos Rodriguez, Iwaro aka Miguel Valbuena, Shane Deether, Make Ish Happen, Frank Ramstad, Strengeleik, Zoo Production, Clippers Music, Sony, Warner, Universal, EMI, Roster Music, Blanco Y Negro, Nordic Records, House Of Scandinavia, Disco:wax, Te-Da Salg, wesound and more.

Mats Koray Genc
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