BRRRRRrrreaking newwws…!

BRRRRRrrreaking newwws…!

Yes, breaking news….!!! Mr Lemon is at it again. After years without publishing any music he is finally back. This time with the Spanish artist Albert Kick. Albert Kick is one of spains biggest EDM stars and are at this moment nr 2 in Flaix FM’s La Lista with his track LET ME STAY.

TALKING ABOUT will be available in all stores March 15th 2014.



Here is the official music video:

Release note:

Gaute Wilhelm Olsson was born on a cold September day in 1985. The unique night can be compared with the night in Bethlehem, the stars shone, and the angels watched protective down on his head.

27 years have passed and Gaute has grown to a special man. Or, you may well also explain this by saying that he’s two special men. Because Gaute is not only himself, he is also the international dance grandeur Mr. Lemon.

Mr Lemon has extensive experience in the music industry, but in recent years it has been quiet from the gracious artist. But now he is back, this time with the Spanish artist Albert Kick and together they have created the single Talking About

Albert Kick has a wide history from the spanish charts and is formerly known as Mak in Mak & Sak’s project. (Sak is currently known as “Sak Noel”). Albert Kick is also known as a DJ and have regularly shows in some of the biggest clubs in Spain.

You can read more about Albert Kick on his official website:


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